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Founder, Jason Berkes, of Super Easy Nutrition and his team of scientists and researchers from around the world have spent the past 71/2 years developing this cutting edge four product program; SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator. Today, Jason and his team work tirelessly to ensure each bottle of Superfood WeightLoss Accelerator is the product of a meticulously managed process that keeps purity and effectiveness as top priority.

Jason is a veteran health, nutrition, and wellness consultant. Since 1993, he’s worked hands on with thousands of individuals and their health care providers to resolve a variety of health challenges, including weight loss. Jason’s passion for helping others feel better didn’t happen by accident. He grew up with a father who, after returning from Vietnam, soon found himself taking numerous prescription medications that did nothing to fix his significant health problem.

Vowing to never again take another prescription pill in his life, Jason’s dad ditched his medications and worked with naturopathic doctors to solve his own health challenges. He then spent the next forty years formulating dozens of effective natural health solutions for others. Even as a young kid, Jason turned down summer trips to Disneyland with his mother to go to work with his dad’s nutritional products company cleaning toilets and sweeping floors. Soon, he began filling product bottles, and eventually took charge of formulating life-changing health products.

That experience led Jason to co-create his first product in 1992 at the young age of sixteen, which went on to become one of the fastest growing and top selling dietary and nutritional supplements in the world. Since then, Jason has formulated more than one hundred health and wellness products. He has trained and consulted with hundreds of doctors across the country on effective weight loss, nutrition, and general health strategies. Today, Jason is proud to present the SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator program.

All of the sea vegetables, herbs, roots, and other plants that make up SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator are grown in their natural habitats. What this means is that our sea vegetables come from the coldest waters on the planet, and our land-grown plants contain the same unique nutrient composition that is found in their native soils. That’s why our formula works; we don’t mess with nature. We work on local levels to source pure, non-GMO ingredients from reputable expert cultivators in their regions of natural origin.

Our research and development team consists of scientists from all over the world who test the nutrient composition of each of our ingredients contained within our final product. This is our way of making sure that you receive a formulation that truly works to balance your body, drop your unwanted weight, and enhance your lifestyle.

The production facility is maintained to the highest government and nutriceutical industry standards. From the point we receive our ingredients to the time of shipment, Super Easy Nutrition guarantees excellent quality, safety, and service. Read more about our Quality & Safety Controls. Here’s a list of the FDA Requirements for supplements.

Each new day at Super Easy Nutrition allows us another opportunity to spread health and wellness to more people. We strive to help people enhance their lives, and we live that vision within our company culture. Read about Super Easy Nutrition’s Vision Statement, or learn about our Business Mission.

Our main focus at Super Easy Nutrition is to bring health and wellness to regular everyday people. This product works on a natural level, and is meant for everyone; not just the fitness buffs. In order to accomplish our mission of sharing the SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator program with as many people as possible, Super Easy Nutrition proudly incoprorates the following business practices:

  • We sell directly to you, not to any wholesalers or retailers. That way, you know who you’re dealing with at each step of your journey, and we can guarantee the highest levels of customer service.
  • We value your referrals, and reward you with Super Reward Points If you refer three people and they all choose to order a monthly supply of SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator, your shipments for those months are free. It’s how we say ‘Thank You!’ for your support.
  • We offer you support through our team of weightloss coaches. We know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult in our modern world. That’s why the weightloss coaching services are given to you as an included part of your SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator purchase.
  • We give you a personal portal to enhanced health in our cloud-based customer profiles and dashboards. This area is where you’ll interact with your weightloss coach, plan ways to enhance your life, and track your progress.
  • We live our product, and encourage our team members, employees, and colleagues to do the same. The creators and producers of SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator want everyone to feel great, full of energy, and ready to live their lives to the fullest. Read our Vision Statement to learn more about our goals.
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