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Every person featured on this page has volunteered to share with you the ways that SuperFood WeightLoss Accelerator changed and continues to enhance their regular, everyday lives. You’re invited to read about their experiences. But, before you scroll down, here’s a note from one of our Super Easy Nutrition Professionals:


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Corinna Cardenas

Complex Leasing Manager – Murrieta CA

“I lost 25lbs in 3 months using Superfood WeightLoss! I have so much more energy using the products. I’m not hungry all the time like I used to be. I tend to choose more healthier foods when I eat.”


Iva Boykins

Events Coordinator – San Diego, CA

I started the products last Saturday and I’ve already lost 5 lbs! I clean my house like crazy now! I have twins and I used to never have any energy. Now I have so much!

Terrell Price

Sports Director – San Diego, CA

I was very skeptical of the products when my wife purchased them for me. I’m always on the go and do not have time to eat right. I started using the products religiously. I made very few changes to my diet and the results were breathtaking!

A big energy boost all day everyday! After 2 weeks my mother said, “Son are you losing weight?” After a month everyone took notice and my clothes no longer fit me. The products are great! I must have my drops everyday!
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Results not typical. While some of the featured persons were provided with free product, all Testimonies were offered and given independent of any consideration.

Stephanie Valentine

Cosmetologist – Decatur, GA

Before I began my journey on SuperFood WeightLoss I was a mess. I experienced multiple dysfunctions, low energy, bloated, vitamin D deficiency and even developed a thyroid issue which came with life-long daily medications.

After taking the products I have a message to replace my mess. If you are looking for a change in your health get this product. I am 90 days on the products. I feel better than I’ve felt in the last 2 years. I no longer take medications. I’ve lost weight and my energy is great! Now I’m in beast mode! Thanks!

Sandra L. Smith

Long Distance Runner – San Diego, CA

This product is nothing short of amazing! I have more energy at work and during my workouts. I used it for my first 5k marathon. My stomach is smaller! It’s a game changer for me! No regrets in buying these drops!

Ruby Walwyn

Housewife – Longs, SC

Before SuperFood WeightLoss because of my health issues my daily activities were very limited. Fatigue overwhelmed my life. Since using the products I lost 10 lbs in 30 days! There are no limits to my activities.

I can do whatever I want, when I want, without worrying about fatigue. My mind feels sharper. The chronic pain I suffer from is so much more manageable! I used to be in a bad mood. Crying spells, not so good attitude, just not so happy. My mood swings are no more! My days are so happy now! Full of life and energy! SuperFood WeightLoss has changed my life!
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Results not typical. While some of the featured persons were provided with free product, all Testimonies were offered and given independent of any consideration.

Tina Nolte Davis

Cosmetologist – Phoenix, AZ

For the past 3 days my pain level has went from a level 20 down to level 2. It feels so good to be mobile and not be in pain! I feel awesome!

Kevin “Speedy” Mitchell

Military Veteran – San Diego, CA

I was already working out, losing weight and getting healthy. Due to multiple knee surgeries I was in need of something to continue losing weight and sustain my health with my limited physical activity.

Within a few days on the drops I became a believer and a success story! My stamina and energy was accelerated along with my weight loss despite my decreased gym activity. In my first 60 days I lost 16 lbs and went from a size 48 to a size 44 in that time. I can say these drops actually work. Not just for weight loss but overall health.
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Gregory Walker

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist – Phoenix, AZ

My friends introduced me to Superfood WeightLoss. I really wanted to try it when they were all talking about how much their energy levels improved. My daily schedule is so hectic with training myself and others as well as running my businesses. I used to get tired around 2:00/3:00. I don’t have that problem when using the products. My energy levels are significantly increased naturally.

I injured myself and could not work out on my normal schedule. Because I was taking the drops I did not gain weight. I definitely would have gained weight if I was not taking my drops. If I could give Superfood WeightLoss a title based on my experience using the products that title would be, “A New Beginning”. I’m a health fanatic so I’m always in shape. Superfood WeightLoss takes it to another level. I don’t have to take all the multi vitamins or herbs I usually take. The drops have everything needed on a daily basis to give the body energy to cleanse the body and allow the body to function the way it should in a natural state. My body including my abs became more defined.

Results not typical. While some of the featured persons were provided with free product, all Testimonies were offered and given independent of any consideration.

Brandon Evans

Fitness Club General Manager – San Diego, CA

I recognized the energy right away! Working extended hours at the gym and my fatherly responsibilities with my family, which includes a newborn, requires energy that works overtime.

Late night snacks and overeating packed the pounds on me. Using the products curbed my appetite and gave me awesome energy to be the best I can be for my family and my staff. Great product!

Jeremy Roos

Solar Consultant – Cathedral City, CA

I am a solar consultant for a large solar company and a father of three, soon to be four, in a few days. As a former elite athlete I almost made it to NFL. 10 years ago I was almost a virtual trainer but I took a different path.


My job brings a lot of stress. I also recently had a child that’s about nine months old and with all of the changes I put on about 30 lbs.I was sluggish and I was really not getting much exercise. Every time I tried to start it just didn’t feel good. My clothes were fitting tighter and tighter. I was not comfortable with myself. My wife loves me no matter what, but with the child and everything I just knew I had to make some changes. Then my friend turned me on to SuperFood WeightLoss.

The products have worked wonders for me. Not just for my waistline, even though I’ve lost 14 lbs. in just a few weeks. I’ve not really changed much with eating. I’m just a little smarter. Because I’ve been a trainer in the past and have used supplements I can remember going on diets and losing 30 lbs in 3 weeks but gain it back pretty quickly. It feels like the products have changed my chemistry. It’s the little things. I suffer from sleep apnea, but I sleep better and feel better during the day. I don’t need as much sleep, I feel awake but not jittery and my mental clarity has improved. I feel like an athlete again.

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Queen Anne

Entrepreneur – San Diego, CA

I’ve lost over 50 lbs using SuperFood WeightLoss! I’ve been able to get up earlier and start my day energized. The energy stays with me all day. When I’m at the gym I feel good. I don’t want to leave early like I used to.

I eat healthier now and I drink a lot of water. I workout 5 days per week. My lifestyle has changed thanks to taking my drops!
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Results not typical. While some of the featured persons were provided with free product, all Testimonies were offered and given independent of any consideration.

Mike Barron

Barron Management Group – San Diego, CA

This testimony is for my experience using SuperFood WeightLoss products for the past 4 weeks. I’ve never tried weight loss products in the past due mixed reviews, however I decided to try it out because of the natural ingredients.

Within days I experienced enhanced mental clarity and boosts in my energy levels. By the end of the second week I began noticing physical weight loss changes. From the “before and after” pictures provided, even the slightest onlooker can see I achieved positive results. SuperFood WeightLoss is a healthy weight loss product that proved highly effective for me. For this reason I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking the same.

Rolesha Brown

US Veteran/Entrepreneur – Winchester, CA

For years I’ve had problems with my body not absorbing vitamins. Pills definitely were not absorbed. My bowel movements were no more than 1-2 times per week. My appetite and metabolism was decreasing. It took about 6 weeks to finally work, but SuperFood WeightLoss helped me.

With SuperFood WeightLoss being in liquid form, it made it very easy for my body to absorb. Now I have bowel movements 1-2 times per day. I know the toxins are being released because I no longer feel sluggish and bloated.


As for decreased appetite, I was never really hungry and ate about once a day plus a snack but still gained weight no matter how much I worked out. Since I have been taking SuperFood WeightLoss, my appetite and metabolism has increased, my weight has not increased and my boyfriend has noticed slimming in my waist and thighs!

I would definitely recommend SuperFood WeightLoss.


Sigmund Valentine

Entrepreneur – San Diego, CA

I was 290 lbs with pre-diabetic symptoms, high cholesterol and high blood pressure! Everything high except for energy! I HAD to do something with my weight and health.

I started using the products and lost 12 lbs my first month. To date I’ve lost 60 lbs. Because of the weight loss I no longer have the health challenges I once had. I’m so thankful for the energy and increased mental clarity. The products worked so well I had to send some to my mother and sister!
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Results not typical. While some of the featured persons were provided with free product, all Testimonies were offered and given independent of any consideration.

Terry Robinson

Fitness Professional – Beaverton, OR

So here’s what’s happened so far since I started Superfood WeightLoss on October 23rd.


  • Energy… A level 20.
  • Sweets… I do not crave them as much.
  • 1 Plate of Food… 1 plate feels like enough.
  • Mental Clarity… Improved with better follow up and memory.
  • Sleep… 6 hours and I jump up like a Jack-In-The -Box
  • Stomach… I can see parts of my belly I haven’t seen since my 30’s!!!
  • Weight… Down to about 240 lbs., for the first time since the mid 1990’s.
  • Clothes… Fit loose and now I have a closet full of XXL Shirts that need a home.
  • Jeans… Belt on last hole to hold them up properly… SAGGING IS NOT AN OPTION!!!
  • Who noticed?… All week the trainers and staff at my gym have been asking me “WHAT CHANGED?” They are saying I look slimmer all of a sudden. That’s funny because I have been going there at the same time of the day for 3 years. Until now, no one noticed because I was not losing.

SuperFood WeightLoss simply works.


Nykita McCalla

Women’s Fitness Trainer/Women’s Nutrition Specialist – Houston, TX

My husband introduced me to the products. I did the research and decided we should give it a try. We are glad we did! The energy was awesome and I was able to maintain my weight.

I began sharing the products with my clients. They received great weight loss results and energy boosts. SuperFood WeightLoss is an awesome product!

Cee Jay

Recording Artist Manager – San Diego, CA

I wanted to use the products because of my low energy. I did not believe I could take drops and lose weight. I recognized awesome energy but was blown away when I was able to button up shirts I could not before.

I could not believe it! My doctor could not weigh me at the office before on my doctor visits. The scale did not go that high. Now I can be weighed at his office and my weight keeps going down!

Results not typical. While some of the featured persons were provided with free product, all Testimonies were offered and given independent of any consideration.

Bernice Ward

County Clerk – Myrtle Beach, SC

I need my second round now. This stuff has done wonders for me. For the past 10 years I’ve had allergy and sinus drainage so bad it would run like a faucet. I was popping pills like crazy just to dry up the drainage so I could sleep at night.

The doctors wanted to do surgery but I was scared. I haven’t had any of those problems since I’ve been using SuperFood WeightLoss! I’m anxious to see what my insulin labs are in two weeks. My energy is amazing! My knees have not been hurting. I can use my step climber now. Great job! SuperFood WeightLoss is like super hero to me because it makes me a Wonder Woman! The weight is coming off!

Hampton Ruiz

AG Jewelers – San Diego, CA

SuperFood WeightLoss is awesome! Sometime around July I had a spike in my blood pressure that put me in the hospital and hindered my driving.

My friend introduced me to SuperFood WeightLoss and it helped me a lot. Not only did I lose weight but I was finally able to drive again.

Jennifer P. Silva

Mommyhood University – Temecula, CA

I’ve been using SuperFood WeightLoss for 4 weeks. For years I have been dealing with chronic pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, plus side effects from epilepsy. I can honestly say I feel a measurable difference in my pain, discomfort and energy!

Today is one of the best pain-free days of my life in over 3 years!!!! Now by no means am I reflecting that your products should replace my medications, I am just so happy to say that my body does not feel inflamed with pain or fatigue. I can now do the things to improve my health like walks and bike rides with my friends. Our private FaceBook Support group plays a major role in my transformation because my friends, family and others using the products motivate and inspire me! We hold each other accountable!! I cant wait to see what more is in store for me on my journey!


PS. My clothes are falling off!!! LOL!! The weight keeps dropping!!


Results not typical. While some of the featured persons were provided with free product, all Testimonies were offered and given independent of any consideration.

Karen Smith

Dept. Store Manager – Conway, SC

I began using this awesome product 30 days ago. I have lost 10 pounds and have more energy than ever before!!! My mornings generally start at 4 AM. Every morning I would feel exhausted and drained.

At work I would feel tired all day and could not wait to get off to go home!! But since I began using the drops my energy level is through the roof!!! I am never tired. I can get up at 4 AM, start my morning and keep going all day! The drops really work!!! I awaken every morning ready for the day! I now walk every day!! I’m excited to continue on my journey not just to lose weight but for a healthier me!!

Lloyd Swanegan

Distribution Professional – San Diego, CA

I’ve been using SuperFood WeightLoss for about 45 days. I’ve lost 25 lbs. so far! My goal is to get off all prescribed medication. Only 25 more lbs. to go!

I did not take pictures before because of my weight. I feel comfortable taking pictures now. My mental clarity and focus is so much better! Thank you, SuperFood WeightLoss!

Marc Garrett

Graphic Designer – Riverside, CA

Hello my name is Marc Garrett. I’ve been taking SuperFood WeightLoss for almost two months. I have to say that the product really works! At first I just thought it was snake oil being sold as a cure-all, but it has been the one thing in my life that has given me confidence!

Now I have clarity in my thoughts. My daily activities used to be foggy and undefined but now I have focus. It feels great to realize what I need to do and have the confidence to do it!


I’ve lost a few pounds and maintained. I have more energy and I don’t crave the sugars like I used to. But that is all secondary to a person like me who is usually passive-aggressive and that makes me indecisive. But now I can see clearly. Thank you SuperFood WeightLoss!


Results not typical. While some of the featured persons were provided with free product, all Testimonies were offered and given independent of any consideration.